Alternative Name(s): Button

Circular badge with the slogan 'Wreck The Draft', made circa 1968 - 1970. It was worn by Ken Norling while attending anti-Vietnam war and anti-conscription rallies in Melbourne, circa 1968 - 1973. Ken was a student at Monash University from 1968 to 1973, and was involved in student politics, including membership of the militant Student's for a Democratic Society. Universities were central points for the Draft Resistance movement as the men attending them were the ones specifically targeted to be drafted. This slogan encompasses the general attitude of activism in the 60s and 70s, based not only on mere opposition, but a very firm (though non-violent) stance against matters to do with war. The strong message 'Wreck the Draft' ties in with the general device of civil disobedience practised at the time, for instance through sit-ins and blockades. Student groups at Monash Universities were very involved in employing such direct action to get their point across.

Physical Description

Fluorescent orange badge with black text.

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