'Break Ties With South Africa' badge, alternatively known as a button, created by Patrick Bros Melbourne circa 1979 - 1986. The caption on the badge, 'Break Ties with South Africa', indicates that it was created to promote sanctions against South Africa in the hope that sanctions would result in the end of Apartheid. The issue of apartheid was topical in Australia from 1971 when sporting teams initiated sanctions against South Africa. In 1971, some members of the Australian rugby team refused to play against the South African Springboks because the latter were selected on the basis of race. A tour by the South African cricket team to Australia was then cancelled by the Australian Cricket Board. Gough Whitlam proceeded to place a government ban on all South African sporting teams touring Australia. This ban was upheld by succeeding prime ministers, Malcolm Fraser and Bob Hawke.

Physical Description

This is a circular button with a red background and black writing around the rim at the top. A black wrist and hand is depicted clenched in a fist, with a manacle around the wrist and a chain is attached to the manacle.

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