Alternative Name(s): Button

This badge bears the flag of East Timor, a territory just north of Australia that was freed from Portugal's colonial rule and subsequently occupied by Indonesia in 1975. At the time, Australia's Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam had close ties with the Indonesian leader so they did not react to the invasion. The majority of the population wanted independence from Indonesia so an international solidarity movement arose to support them, led by by churches, human rights groups, and peace campaigners who put on demonstrations and vigils. This badge probably belongs to an Australian manifestation of solidarity. Activists in Australia tried to send aid to the region, but the Indonesian forces prevented all help for the first months after the invasion, which resulted in mass starvation. The conflict lasted for decades, with the Santa Cruz Massacre as a turning point. 250 pro-independence citizens of East Timor were murdered in 1991, and this is when international human rights watch started paying more attention. The majority of the population voted for independence in a 1999 referendum and this status was granted to the nation in 2002.

Physical Description

A large white badge with a red flag on the centre. On the left is a yellow triangle, with a smaller, black triangle on it. This black triangle bears a white, five pointed star. On the back of the badge is a pin.

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