Protest badge, alternatively known as a button, commissioned by the Coalition for a Nuclear Free Australia (CNFA). CNFA was a coalition of 79 Australian organisations including unions, anti-nuclear groups, environment centres and Friends of the Earth. Roxby Downs, the site referenced on the badge, is a town 563 kms north of Adelaide; it was purpose built in 1987 to service the nearby uranium mine. The slogan 'the uranium you're mining when you're not mining uranium' is a play on the 1980s television commercial for Claytons non-alcoholic drink, 'the drink you have when you're not having a drink'.

Physical Description

This is a large bi-coloured badge. The upper part is green, the lower one is red. The two sections are separated by a thin yellow line. There is yellow text is printed on the whole of the badge. On the back is a pin.

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