Round badge with the slogan 'No Mass Xtermination', circa 1960s-1980s. This is one of a series of badges and peace movement posters acquired by the museum following the exhibition 'Peace: an Exhibition' which explored the Peace movement and was part of the Victorian Government contribution to International Year of Peace in 1986.

The slogan 'No Mass Xtermination' epitomizes the climate of fear that people lived in during these two decades. The events at Hiroshima when nuclear disaster became a reality were followed by the Cold War, a protracted conflict that perpetuated uncertainty and anxiety worldwide. Badges such as this one were worn by protestors opposing the Arms Race and nuclear power altogether.

Physical Description

Large, circular badge with red radioactive symbol on yellow ground. Black text written on the centre, initials in white with stars and stripes imprinted. Pin on the back.

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