Badge, 'Black Rights = Black Land Rights', alternatively known as a button, was most likely produced to bring attention to the growing push for indigenous land rights as a part of the movement for indigenous rights. This would date the badge as having been produced between 1966 and the 1990s. 1966 saw the significant Wave Hill Cattle Station Walk-Off which culminated in 1975 with the return of land to its traditional indigenous owners. Prime Minister Gough Whitlam is famously pictured pouring soil from his own hands into the hands of the Walk-Off's leader, Vincent Lingiari, to symbolise the return of land. In 1976 the Aboriginal Land Rights Act was enacted. The 1990s saw the Mabo (1992) and Wik (1996) legislative decisions, which at last recognised native title.

Physical Description

This is a circular badge with a black background. It has white printed text divided by a red equals sign. It has a pin on the back.

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