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Anti-nuclear campaigns were being set up world-wide from the late 1950s onwards, with the movement really peaking in the 1970s. Amongst these general campaigns, there were some that specifically targeted uranium mining. Such organisations flourished in Australia, as it was and is still one of the world's largest exporters of uranium. Movement Against Uranium Mining (MAUM), for example, was involved in campaigns against nuclear weapons and French nuclear testing in the Pacific, as well as commemorations of Hiroshima Day. However, as the name suggests, their main aim was to lobby against uranium mining. Because of the popularity of the Vietnam Moratorium marches, a National Uranium Moratorium campaign was started in 1976 and by 1977 the Melbourne rally had 15.000 participants. The slogan 'Uranium - like hell!' often featured on anti-nuclear badges and placards at demonstrations. This direct, strong and witty message is representative of protests at the time.

Physical Description

Circular badge with red background and gold-colored metal back. Yellow nuclear symbol on front u.c. Yellow inscription takes up rest of front. Horizontal metal pin on back.

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