Large badge with the slogan 'Shut Down or Melt Down', made by Patrick Bros in 1979. This is one of a series of badges and peace movement posters acquired by the museum following the exhibition 'Peace: an Exhibition' which explored the Peace movement and was part of the Victorian Government contribution to International Year of Peace in 1986.

The term Nuclear Meltdown is an informal one used to signify a severe nuclear reactor accident that results in core damage from overheating. According to the radical spirit of activism at that time, the slogan on the badge only offers two alternatives: a halt in all nuclear activity or disaster.

Physical Description

Circular badge. Left third green background, right two thirds red background, vertical back line between the two colors. Stylised black outline drawing with white fill in u.r. corner; consists of a cross with a large circle behind it, on top of a small rectangle which is on top of a larger rectangle. White writing on black background in u.l. and l.r.

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