Alternative Name(s): button

The company that produced this badge, Donnelly/Colt Progressive Resources was founded in 1975 in America as a small, family-owned business that provides social justice materials and buttons for consciousness raising and fundraising. Their first bumper sticker was "Jail to the Ex-Chief", in reference to Richard Nixon resigning as President and their low-tech equipment forced them to make items one at a time. Nowadays, this company is one of America's oldest producers of such material. They have been involved in many movements for social change over the past decades.

Physical Description

Circular badge. Laminated front horizontally divided in half; top half is 1/2 yellow setting sun, 1.3 x 2.4 cm., on a black back- ground; bottom half is green with black inscription c.l. - l.r. Inscrption runs around rim of badge, yellow on the black background and black on the green background. Silver colored metal back with wire pin and loop.

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