Hard cover book: "Record of Outwards Livestock Loaded at Newmarket". Used to record stock transactions at Newmarket Saleyards 1974 -1977. The columns have been used differently to printed headings. Left page has columns labelled 'Date, Truck Numbers, Destination, Consignor'. Right page has columns 'Consignee, Particulars of Stock, Total No. of Trucks, TimeLoaded, Checker's Initials'.

Physical Description

Foolscap size and format book with green crocodile printed stiff front and back covers, green cloth binding. Stiff grey paper end papers. Approximately 100 pages, some have been removed. Information entered in both red and blue ball point ink. Upper edge of cover and end paper have been singed. The word "Saleyards" has been written several times, also on end paper. Some apparent insect damage to front and back covers.

More Information