Alternative Name(s): Souvenir Program
Made: 1993
Used: circa 1993

This is a souvenir program from the Young Men's Christian Association Anniversary Dinner held on 16 October 1993. The dates 1853-1993 are included on the front, suggesting that the dinner celebrates the 140th anniversary of the Y.M.C.A. in Victoria.

Physical Description

An A4 booklet, the cover is printed in landscape using black and red ink. The upper left corner features an illustration of a building. The Upper right corner reads 'Young Men's Christian Association' 1853 to 1993, printed in black ink, and overlaying a faded grey triangle symbol. In the lower right corner the YMCA logo is printed in black and red, in the lower left is a symbol of the bible bored by two circles, in which text is printed.

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