Booklet featuring copies of seals from different branches of the Order of the Sons of Temperance. It was used by the Grand Division of the Order of the Sons of Temperance from its inception in 1869. It was most likely used by the office bearers of the Grand Division of the Order of the Sons of Temperance, to check the authenticity of correspondence which came from the Branches. Some of the seals refer to branches which were formed in the 1860s, before the formation of the Grand Division in 1869.

The Sons of Temperance was a brotherhood of men who promoted the temperance movement and mutual support. It had a highly restricted membership. In order to become a member (a 'brother'), a man had to be nominated by an existing brother. Three other brothers would then investigate his life to determine if they thought he was worthy of membership. The Sons of Temperance required a two-dollar initiation fee, an amount equal to a week's wages of an ordinary worker. In addition, the weekly membership fee was six cents. The Order had secret rituals, signs, passwords, hand grips and regalia.

The organization also acted as an insurance company. Its constitution required the brotherhood to pay thirty dollars to cover the burial costs of any brother who died. It also required the payment of fifteen dollars for the funeral costs of a member's dead wife. A bylaw required fellow brothers to visit any sick brother at least once a day, and one of the orders of business at each meeting was to identify any brothers who were ill. The organization later admitted women.

Physical Description

Small booklet with green cover and blue pages, which contains cut out printed or embossed seals from a number of branches of the Sons of Temperance. Each seal is different. Images which recur include doves, a triangle, star, the ark, olive branch, the slogan 'Be Firm and Faithful', light- house, angel, ship, tiger, Excelsior, Queen Victoria, books, prophets, compass and the Australian coat of arms. Most seals are from branches in Victoria, but there are seals from New Zealand and South Australia as well. The booklet has no back cover and has been mended with cellotape. The red embossed seal of the Grand Division of the Order of the Sons of Temperance is inside the front cover.

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