Book of instructions and recipes for the CAC Pressure Cooker manufactured by the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation, Lorimer Street, Fishermans Bend, Melbourne.

CAC was formed in 1936 as the first firm to mass-produce aircraft in Australia starting with the Wirraway. Following the end of World War II in August 1945, government orders for military aircraft were heavily cut and CAC had to turn to the production of domestic goods such as bathtubs and pressure cookers to survive. This booklet was used by the Endacott family who owned and operated a food business at Healesville.

Physical Description

Rectangular book with a glossy cardboard cover and white tape /ribbon tied through the spine to form a handle. The front cover has a turqoise blue background with a picture of a pressure cooker in an orange circle Printed text in black. The back cover is plain. The booklet contains recipes that use a pressure cooker. The spine was once stapled but is now taped. Booklet also contains four pieces of paper with handwritten recipes on them.

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