Small white paper wine bottle label, used at H.W.H Irvine's winery at Great Western, 1905-1918.

Wine label is printed in black, red, blue and gold ink and reads: "Irvine's pure wine London International 1873 Paris International 1900 Three star Brandy. Hans Irvine & Co. Dowgate Hill. London, E.C. and Victoria, Australia. Report of the Government analyst".

Irvine's Brandy was distilled from grapes not deemed suitable for other wines. Irvine marketed his Three Star Brandy with an emphasis on its purity, which was confirmed by the addition of the 'Government Analyst Report' on the label. Irvine's Three Star Brandy contained a wide variety of flavourings and herbs, including green cognac, ammonia, saffron, mace, vanilla, almond bitters, prune solution, grape syrup, black tea, orange, caramel and rum. The title of 'Three Star' may refer to the quality of the brandy or the amount of time it was kept in oak barrels for (3 years).

Brandy bottles were cylindrical and brown. The tops were covered in opal white foil with 2 gold and 1 red band.

"The Irvine Wine Collection was acquired by Museum Victoria in 1989. It represents the history of the Great Western Vineyard and the achievements of Hans William Henry Irvine, vigneron and politician, from 1888 until 1922. It comprises 130 items ranging from publications, marketing items, packaging materials, wine labels, award medals, ceramics, illuminated address, commemorative trowel, trophy plaques, wine makers tools, and silverware."

Physical Description

Small white wine label with black, blue, gold and red ink, blue moon and five stars u.l., gold medals showing obverse and reverse views, gold crests and blue scrolls with three gold stars on it.

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