Programme which cost 6 pence and was produced for the Naval Pageant held at the Melbourne Show Ground, 31 October - 3 November 1934, to celebrate Victoria's centenary. It was printed by Ramsay Publishing Pty Ltd.

The Naval Pageant was arranged as part of the Navy's contribution to the Victorian Centenary Celebrations. It was produced and acted by officers and men from the Navy Office, Flinders Naval Depot, H.M.A.S. Squadron, R.A.N.R. Depot, Williamstown, and R.A.N.R. Depot, Port Melbourne. Included were songs and marches, episodes from the life of Captain Cook, drill in honour of Nelson, Drake, Neptune's Court, and episodes from 1914.

This was essentially family entertainment - advertisements in this programme are for ice creams, chocolates and engagement rings. A note about the episode in Cook's life in Tahiti reads 'The dresses worn by Tahitian dancing girls at this period were not considered suitable for the pageant, and historical accuracy has been sacrificed for attractiveness in choosing the raffia skirts of Hawaii.'

Physical Description

The programme is 26 pages long, and contains detailed notes on the entertainment, together with advertisements. The coloured front cover shows a stylised drawing of a sailing ship under fire, and information about Captain Cook is included in the inside of the cover.

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