Card and envelope sent to Karina Nartiss prior to her Australian citizenship ceremony in 1960. The envelope is a Minister for Immigration envelope and the card has been produced by the Good Neighbour Council.

Born in Latvia in 1925, Karina married Alozijs Nartiss in 1946, their daughter Liga was born in 1947. They migrated to Australia in 1949 after spending time in a displaced persons camp in Ludwigsburg in West Germany from 1948-49. In Australia Karina, who had trained as a dancer, worked as a photographic model and was featured on the last paper 10 Pound note, issued in 1956.

Physical Description

White envelope with typewritten name and address of front, pos t office stamped top right. Printed blue Commonwealth coat-of-arms on back. With card issued by Good Neighbour Council of Victoria, which was enclosed with a card [not held] for identification at a naturalization ceremony.

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