Alternative Name(s): Knitting Booklet, Pattern Book

One of two World War II era knitting books issued by Lever Bros. Pty Ltd under the Lux brand name, 1941. 'The Lux Book' contains a range of patterns for men, women and children; the 'Lux Book Supplement' contains patterns garments including socks, service mittens and a heavy service pullover.

The books were made by Sungravure, Sydney, for Lever Bros. Pty Ltd. They publicized the Lux brand, which was known for its soaps and washing powders. Other Lux brand publicity of the era included sponsorship of 'radio theatre'.

Physical Description

Lux knitting book with a black and white photograph on the cover of a young woman. The book contains advice on knitting technique, fashion notes, an advertisement for Lux soap powder as well as numerous knitting patterns for various different garments for men, women, infants and children.

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