Alternative Name(s): Fry Pan, Frying Pan

Frying pan, bought by Italian migrant Celso Cattapan in a store in Heathcote, Victoria to cook the rabbits he trapped in the forest. Celso Cattapan was born in 1926 in San Martino di Lupari, province of Padova, region of Veneto, Italy. He migrated to Australia arriving in Melbourne on April 26, 1952 on board the ship Australia. He moved to Heathcote shortly after his arrival, where he worked in the forest, making studs for the building industry, living in makeshift accommodation and, for a number of months, in a warehouse storing coffins. In Heathcote he visited the nearest store once a week for supplies of bread and cheese. To supplement his diet he killed a rabbit or two a week and cooked it in the fry-pan.

Physical Description

Metal frying pan, wide and shallow pan with a long handle. The metal has rusted.

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