Alternative Name(s): key holder

Key Ring Holder painted by Yoka Van Den Brink in 1994, using Hindeloopen techniques and 'bridal' colours. Hindeloopen craft techniques date back to the 16th century, to the port of Hindeloopen, in Friesland in the North of Holland where sailors developed a decorative tradition of handpainting domestic items to add colour to the dark houses through winter. Motifs include flowers, scrolls, buds, birds and sometimes bible scenes and landscapes.

Physical Description

Wooden key holder constructed from craft wood. The holder is ornately shaped and has five brass hooks for keys along the length of it. Three adhesive tapes have been fixed to the back to attach it to a wall. The holder has been painted in cream paint and floral motifs in the Hindeloopen folk art style. The back has been signed by the artist.

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