Alternative name: jellies

Pair of red plastic sandals made by Sarrazienne in France. They were worn to the beach and during water play by Alice McCabe, daughter of the donor, Honor Godfrey, when the family lived in Highett Street, Richmond, Melbourne. Plastic sandals could not be worn to Alice's creche - she could only wear leather sandals and shoes.

Alice was born in London in 1984. Most of her shoes were purchased from shop, Betsy Pryam in Burke Road, and were relatively expensive at $50-$60 per pair. The donor was recommended to this supplier by a friend, since she was a stranger to Melbourne and Australia. She was conscious of the shoes being 'Australian' - they were not particularly what she would have chosen had they been living in England. The shoes were chosen both for their convenience and to match the colour of Alice's clothes. The donor decided to collect all of Alice's shoes over a period of several years.

Physical Description

One pair of orange/red moulded plastic sandals with bar straps and psuedo woven uppers. White plastic buckles.

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