Woven, round cane basket covered with a quilted fabric liner.

Donated to Museum Victoria in 1992, the basket originally came from Northern Ireland. It was brought to Victoria by the donor's great-grandmother, the widow of a Presbyterian minister, when she emigrated with her daughter and her new husband. The basket may therefore date to the mid-19th century.

The quilted liner was made in 1950 by the donor's mother, Annie Bessie Bain (circa1884-1969), granddaughter of the woman who brought it to Australia. Annie, then aged 66-67, quilted it for the birth of her first grandson, Bruce Bain. The basket was to have been used for powder, soap, powder puffs and folded nappies, etc. The basket was never used by the baby's mother, who thought it was too beautiful.

The basket was given to the donor by her sister-in-law, Norma Bain (Bruce's mother). Annie Bessie Bain was the daughter of William and Margaret Ardell (nee Henderson).

Physical Description

Woven, round, cane basket covered with a quilted fabric liner. Four handles on the basket have been covered with ribbon. One small pocket inside basket; opposite to this is a small pillow/pin cushion with a word formed by small grey beads glued to the face of the pillow. Outer edge of liner has been gathered slightly with a fringe attached to the lower edge.

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