Buffer or polisher, for attaching to machine tool.

Used in the woodturning business of Adolph Bruhn & Son, South Melbourne, 1970-1990. The business made a wide range of wooden products, including tables and architectural mouldings, and undertook specialist turning tasks. Part of a collection of nearly 900 items, including a lathe, cutting tools, hand tools, products, workshop fittings, office equipment, portraits, and an accounts ledger.

Physical Description

Buffer composed of tightly-packed layers of circular pieces of light-coloured cloth held together by a centrally located clamp. This clamp is composed of two circular pieces of synthetic material located at each end of the buffer with four nails and one centrally located screw penetrating the layers of cloth and holding the two circular pieces toether. The centrally located screw projects vertically from the top end of the buffer. Found in lower cupboard of cabinet located in Area E4.

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