A time clock is a mechanical device used to track the amount of time an employee has worked. This clock was manufactured by Cox Walkers Limited, with electrical engineering work by Lawrence and Hanson of Sydney and Melbourne, circa 1898. It was located in the Superintendent's Office at Mayday Hills Hospital, Beechworth, Victoria. The Head Attendant would change the roll of paper and hand the marked roll to the Superintendent who checked that all attendants had punched the bell to mark their rounds at the appropriate times.

Physical Description

Clock consists of a round clock face mounted on a metal frame at the back of which is a bell. Numbered wheel at side attaches to a long copper cylinder. A row of brushes is suspended above cylinder. Time clock is housed in a varn- ished wood box with a glass front and a piece of galvanized iron over the top. A winder with a wooden knob lies inside the box. Box lifts off base to access clock.


Example of equipment used in the daily running of a Victorian mental health hospital

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