Plate Camera - Reflex, Field, Thornton Pickard, circa 1920. Thornton Pickard Patent number 6238.12 See Supplementary File for an advertisement: "The Special Ruby: the High-Class Reflex at a low-class price.". Used in a psychiatric hospital in Victoria, Australia, possibly for the photographic documentation of patients.

Physical Description

Reflex field plate camera - large black, leather-covered box with heavy black paper bellows, operated by winder on left side, extending 6cm in front. Has hinged lens cover on slide-out front panel, but lens and shutter are missing. Pyramid-shaped cardboard viewer with opening shaped to fit around eyes and nose of operator, extends up 14cm when hinged top of box is opened. This whole section swings open on 2nd hinge, exposing horizontal glass plate (held by 2 tiny brass catches) and below in body of camera, a diagonally-angled mirror which swung up to block light coming through top of camera by a lever on left side of box. Further details are on Accession Sheet.


Example of photographic equipment used in psychiatric hospitals in Victoria Australia

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