Scales - Pharmacy, W.& J. George Ltd, circa 1880. Made for Selby, H.B. & Co. Ltd., Sydney & Melbourne. Used in the pharmacy of a mental health hospital Victoria Australia

Physical Description

Pharmacy scales in a glass walled and topped, wooden case. Scales have column- like thick tubular trunk (plated) and cross bar of complicated design which sits loose on aluminium balancing arm, with black scale 10-0-10 across top. Block in centre of lower crossbar on which balancing arm sits is raised (leaving balance swinging free) by turning knob at bottom front of case, which connects to inner, movable shaft in trunk. Case stands on 3 legs, front 2 adjustable in height. Case has upward sliding door in front and hinged door on each side.


Example of equipment used in the pharmacy of a psychaitric hospital in Victoria Australia

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