Alternative Name(s): Pails, Slop Pails, Night Soil Pans

Three metal buckets circa 1910, used at a mental health hospital in Victoria. Lilkely to have been used as slop pails or for emptying chamber pots (night soil).

David Eveleigh illustrates this style of bucket with lid in 'Privies and Water Closets', p.8, describing them as 'covered pails' into which 'slops from chamber pots' would be emptied. He dates the style to 1904. The 1907 Army and Navy Stores Catalogue (Great Britain) shows a similar style, which it describes as a 'slop pail'.

Physical Description

Set of three heavy, medium-size buckets have round protruding base with ridges, slightly sloping upwards and turned inwards at top, with a loop-shaped handle. Two lids are missing. Two buckets are brown; the third is painted white.

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