Spring operated mantel clock made by Sessions Clock Company, successors to Welch, E.N. Manufacturing Co. Forestville Conn., U.S.A., circa 1920. Used in a mental health hospital in Victoria Australia

Physical Description

Spring-operated, chiming, shelf clock has grotesquely-shaped and ornamentel cast-iron facade and flat wooden back. Top half of front shaped like large upended pudding bowl with slightly concave, outward sloping sides and clock face forming base of bowl. Below, front bulges down to 4 scrolled feet, back ones further apart. Decorated in relief with swirling leaf patterns. A symmetrical scrolled bunch sticks up 7cm above top of facade and sprigs protrude inside. Face of white painted tin with ornate black hands (rusty) and copper frame has 3 keyholes. Black-stained wooden back has round, black painted tin door opening into mechanism (largely brass).


Example of equipment used in a mental health hospital in Victoria Australia

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