Electro-Cardiograph - Cardiotrace, Medical Instrument Co, Circa 1940. Made: Medical Instrument Company Cardiotrace Model A2 Serial no. 353, circa 1940. Used to measure the rhythm and action of the heart during surgery on patients of Sunbury Mental Hospital, a mental health hospital in Victoria Australia

Physical Description

Electro-cardiograph is in a black oil-cloth covered wooden case with detachable hinged lid with 2 catches on front. Top of case taken up by black-coated metal control panel. Lid has 2 horizontal compartments. Top one with downward opening side and small shelf at top. Thick leather handle on back of case. Wiremesh covered, oblong ventilation holes in each side and small door, with handle, opening on chamber for paper roll (recording information) in right side. Cords for mains and leads both connected through panel. Leads cord divides into 5 (black,red,yellow,blue and green - denoting where they are placed on body). Each ends in small, sprung clip attached to short, vertical stem of flat, round metal plate.


Example of medical equipment used in psychiatric hospitals in Victoria Australia

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