Early comparator, made by Hellige, F. & Co Germany, circa 1914. Used for colourimetric chemical analysis in the laboratory at Mont Park Mental Hospital, a menatl health hospital in Victoria Australia. It could be used for the chemical analysis of urine and serum. It is an example of laboratory equipment used in a mental health hospital in Victoria Australia.

Physical Description

Comparator is a small black steel box with a flat-sided cone-shaped viewer sticking out of the front. Eyehole is framed by a round, push-on lid with lens and oval aperture. The whole front wall opens on a hinge, revealing an inner wall with 2 round holes. The back has a large hole, filled by a square, white, glass slide. The top is open and the inside is a 3 layered grillework to hold test tubes in place. There are 2 square tubes. Threaded hole in the base would once have been attached to a stand. The two glass test tubes are broken.

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