Projector for glass slides, circa 1910. Used in a psychiatric hospital in Victoria, Australia. Could possibly be hand-made. Many psychiatric institutions had viewings for the patients and this may have been used for that purpose.

Physical Description

Slide projector for glass slides produced from glass photographic plates. Sides of box, slide frame, detached front and legs are black. Rest is silver- coloured. Large, barrel-shaped, 10-sided tin 'box' on 4 legs contains very bright light bulbs with 12cm diam lens in front wall. Screwed onto front of box, before lens, is black metal frame with sliding slide-holder (frames for 2) 2 strong metal shafts run right along floor of box and protrude, each with 2 adjustable extensions (held firm by 2 screws) upto 70cm in front, to connect to a large upright steel place (roughly inverted pearshape) which has 2nd lens intact.


Example of equiptment used for recreational activities in psychiatric hospitals in Victoria Australia

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