Used in psychiatric hospital in Victoria, Australia, where it was used as a public speaker system for messages and radio broadcasts. File contains details of the Lord Mayor's 3LO Hospital Radio Fund, which was begun in 1929 by the Australian Broadcasting Company. Made: circa 1929 - 1940, Used: Victoria, Australia, circa 1910 - 1950

Physical Description

Audio amplifier - round metal body painted black. At front is metal latticework of thin, diagonal strips behind which is a frayed fawn-coloured mesh material. Because of tattered nature of mesh cloth, can see inside speaker and to curved wooden panels which encircle whole outer edge. Around latticework lace is a ridged edge of metal, above which, from the central point, is screwed a narrow curved strip of metal with inscription : PROPERTY OF LORD MAYOR - AUST BROADCASTING COMMSM HOSPITAL RADIO FUND. (This strip moves, does not lie flat, as 2nd screw missing). At back are 6 circles of mesh cloth. In centre and bottom edge are 2 small holes, and from latter protrudes a frayed, light-claret coloured electric cord.


Example of recreational activities undertaken at psychiatric hospitals in Victoria Australia

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