Suitcase used by Phillip Law in Antarctica, circa 1954 - 1966. This is part of Museum Victoria's collection of artefacts from the post-war era of scientific exploration of Antarctica.

Phillip Law was the first Director of the Antarctic Division of the Commonwealth Department of External Affairs, now the Australian Antarctic Division of the Commonwealth Department of Environment and Heritage. Under Dr Law's Directorship Australia established a permanent presence in Antarctica.

Physical Description

This suitcase is rather large in size, and is red/brown in colour. A zip runs around the edge of the case allowing it to be closed. A lock is found in the centre of this zip. Sewn onto the lid of the case is a small section of leather that opens to reveal the name and address of the owner. Also to be found on the lid are remnants of stickers. Inside the case, there are two sets of leather straps to hold the clothes in place. The lining is made from a cream cotton. Inside the lid is a gathered section of cotton to be used as another storage area. There are two handles for carrying the case.

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