Box of 17 Decorative Metal Knobs circa 1890s-1950s. They were taken from Area C at Adolph Bruhn & Son's Wood Turners Shop, 283 Coventry Street, South Melbourne. The business was established by Adolph Bruhn circa 1893 in Little Collins Street, Melbourne. Upon his death in 1919 it was then operated by Adolph's son Sophus Christopher Bruhn. Upon Sophus's death in 1959 his son Sophus Walter Bruhn took over the business. In 1970 Sophus reduced the scale of the business and relocated to South Melbourne. The business closed upon Sophus's death in January 1990.

Adolph Bruhn migrated to Australia from Germany in 1884, at the age of 29. He arrived in Adelaide where he lived for 10 months before moving to Victoria, where he settled, established his business, married and had five children.

Physical Description

Knobs in 'Westclox Sleep-Meter' cardboard box. The box is dark brown with black, red and white lettering. Four of the knobs are large and plain with grooves around circumference and join mark down side of knob. One is made of small thin metal with straight sides. Seven of the knobs have a filigree pattern around sides which includes an inverted pentagon shape. One knob has a different filigree pattern with two dotted grooves. One is green in colour with intricate filigree pattern on sides (zigzags or continuous M's). One knob is large with a silver colour filigree around the sides which includes an inverted curved triangle motif.

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