Pair of miniature or infant's clogs with brown leather uppers and wooden soles. Identified as miniature English miner's clogs, they appear unworn/unused. The incorporation of a modern green polymer in the trim along the welt suggests that they were recently made.

Clogs were utilitarian shoes worn in England from the early 17th century until the early 20th century. They were commonly used by miners, as well as for wet outdoor work. The Powerhouse Museum notes that the English versions of the clog differed from their European counterpart in that they were constructed like a shoe with a wooden sole and leather upper, rather than being entirely made wood. The Powerhouse identifies particular areas of clog use as Cumbria, Lancashire, Chesire and Yorkshire as well as Wales and Scottish border counties.

Physical Description

Pair of miniature clogs with brown leather uppers and wooden soles. Strip of green plastic around shoe on top of sole. Wooden sole with metal strips on heel and sole. Green laces, four metal eyelets. Shoes unworn / unused.

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