Alternative Name: Brailler

Stainsby Braille Writer manufactured by V. L. Martin Co. Ltd, circa 1940. The instruction booklet was printed and published by the Royal National Institute for the Blind, circa 1940. This model of Stainsby Braille Writer was first manufactured circa 1933. Used by the Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind.

This Braille Writer was one of the models sometimes called "crab writers" for their sideways movement and six keys that extend, three on each side of the carriage.

Physical Description

Braille writing kit, all housed in a brown cardboard case. It consists of a metal Braille writing machine, a long slim rectangular device with six silver keys and a bell. A metal clamp in a plastic sleeve, and two metal hinged plates with Braille markings. A booklet of instructions for use is included, with instructions in Braille as well as standard English, plus some loose sheets of brown manilla paper with Braille inscriptions. There is no board.

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