Alternative Name(s): Visiting Card Case

Calling card case, one of two donated by the donor. They probably belonged to the donor's aunt, Mrs Rosetta (Rose) Biggins, nee Aarons, the wife of a wool broker who lived in St Kilda. The donor remembers driving with her aunt and running in to deliver a visiting card while her aunt remained in the chauffeur-driven car, around 1914 -1920. Cards delivered this way were left with member of the house staff, such as a 'servant girl'.

Physical Description

A thin flat oblong box with a metal clip. The outside of the box is covered with pieces of mother of pearl, diamond-shaped, which have been engraved with a pattern. In the centre of the back of the box is a diamond shaped metal piece, engraved with a pattern, and bordered by a thin border of gree and coloured shell. The engraved pattern is of flowers and leaves. The pearl shell is mounted on wood. There are two metal hinges. The box is lined with blue sateen(?)which is attached to a blue paper lining. Attached to the centre back of the box is a concertina type holder in blue cardboard covered in material with ten compartments, to hold visiting cards. The holder has a gold trim. A small 0.5cm metal button on the outside of the case allows the box to be opened and shut.

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