Used: circa 1987
This shield lists the life members of St. Josephs Tennis Club in West Hawthorn.

The tennis club was founded in 1925 and was associated with St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church in West Hawthorn. At the opening the Parish Priest sanctified the courts. The two courts were initially dirt; asphalt was added later. The Club was an important meeting place for Catholic people of the parish and district. Early members door-knocked local parishioners, sold raffle tickets and held social events in order to raise money for the club. From the 1920s-1950s the club held weekly dances and social gatherings and many members who met at such social events were later married.

The Club belonged to the Victorian Catholic Lawn Tennis Association and members participated in competitions between other parish tennis clubs. St. Josephs official 'brother' club was in Wangaratta. From the 1970s non-Catholics were permitted to join. The courts closed in 1988.

Physical Description

This is a wooden honour board shaped like a shield, listing life members of St. Josephs Tennis Club. The club name and four names are in gold paint, three names are attached in gold lettering. On reverse of shield at u.c. is a metal attachment with a key shaped cut out for hanging the shield on a hook. Metal attachment held in place by two screws.

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