Powder compact, metal with black and white enamelled, in original box. It was made in England by Stratton, circa 1950-1970. Stratton was a trading name for Jarrett, Rainsford & Laughton Ltd, England.

Physical Description

Powder compact, metal with black and white enamelled upper surface showing abstract criss-cross design. A round mirror on the inside lid is inscribed 'Made in England' at the top and 'Stratton' below. Upon the surface of the mirror is a sticker with instructions for opening and shutting the compact, and 'A Stratton Patent' printed below. In the dish on the bottom half of the compact sits a pink powder puff. Engraved in the centre of the dish is the word 'Stratton' and a picture of a hand holding an open compact. The dish can in turn be raised to reveal a gauze bed in which powder is placed. The base of the compact is decorated with a star pattern in gold coloured metal. The compact is still in its original box. .2 Black material pouch for .1 with diamond pattern.

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