Made: Goodell Co. White Mountain Apple New Hampshire, U.S.A., circa 1848 - 1901. Used in the kitchen of a psychiatric hospital in Victoria, circa 1848-1901

Physical Description

Apple corer and peeler is an ornate complicated, hand-operated device on short-stemmed Y-shaped frame. Attached to top of trunk of the Y is the corer, a 3-pronged fork on long, horizontal screw which feeds through 2 loops, moving and rotating fork across top of Y, turned by an inward bent handle with wooden hand hold on end of shaft. There is a spring-operated lock rivetted to the top of the Y trunk to prevent the corer slipping backward when it meets resistance from apple. There is a small, blunt 2-prong fork reaching up from the base of the Y to corer shaft. It swings back and forth in same direction as corer motion.

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