Auriscope for examining the inside of the ear, contained in a purple velvet-lined wooden box.Used for examining ears in the surgery of a psychiatric facility in Victoria circa 1862-1865.

Physical Description

Brunton's auriscope for examining inside of the ear. Consists of a short tube with microscope-like eyehole, with magnifying lens at one end and a broad trumpet inserted in one side. This would have been pointed toward a candle or lamp. Beneath the trumpet opening is an angled mirror for directing light into the ear. There is a small, round viewing hole in the middle of it. The far end of the tube is ridged with fine slits down each side.The separate specula to be inserted in to the ear are fitted onto it. There are two small screws on the trunk, beneath the trumpet which hold the mirror in place. There are two separate spatulas; third is missing. Contained in a purple velvet-lined wooden box covered with black paper.

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