Used to drain fluid from lungs of patientswho were in Victorian mental health hospitals, circa 1950. Used particularly in cases of pleurisy.

Physical Description

Chest aspirator, for draining fluid from lungs, consisting only of suction pump and aspirating bottle cork with air inlet taps. The suction pump is shaped like a metal syringe with a straight pump handle. The outlet end is a ball surmounted by a fine, screw-on nozzle with washer. The rubber cork has a fine metal tube irregularly shaped protruding below it and running up to a flat lid to the cork, out of which 2 tubes which has two tiny air inlet taps curve. The aspirator is in a stain steel box with detachable stand, shaped and has clamps to hold all parts. Trocards, needles, cannulas, aspirating bottle and hosing are missing.


Example of surgical equipment used in Victorian mental health hospitals

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