2 crushed glass vials within small metal tin. Stocked in the pharmacy at Royal Park Psychiatric Hospital. Amyl Nitrite is a vasodilator (widens walls of blood vessels by relaxing the smooth muscle) traditionally used to treat heart diseases such as angina or cyanide poisoning. Also capable of inducing a short-lived state of euphoria on inhalation. Used in Royal Park Psychiatric Hospital, Parkville, Victoria, Australia, circa 1900. Administered by holding the ends of a vial between the thumb and forefinger of each hand (leaving the nylon wrapping intact) and snapping the glass capsule therein to inhale the vapour.

Physical Description

Small, hinged tin, lined with cotton wool containing 2 tiny knitted nylon sheaths lined with cotton padding. Inside are glass capsules (crushed) which contained amyl nitrite. Also inside tin is label (came off lid) from the Pharmacy, Royal Park Psychiatric Hospital, for amyl nitrite.

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