Hoover floor polisher and accessories, bought new in 1961 for the donor's mother. When she moved from her home she gave it back to her daughter who used it up until 1984.

The polisher was used on rubber tiles once a week in a tedious step-by-step process (documented in the supplementary file).

Physical Description

Hoover electric floor polisher with rounded Bakelite body, blue in colour and rubber around edge. Two circular brushes attached to base. Red button on side. Long metal handle painted white with rubber grip on end. Long blue cord with black plastic plug at one end with three metal prongs, attached to polisher at other end. Two spare circular brushes with triangular metal piece in centre, brown straw bristles and black printed text on top. Two thin round felt polishing pads with small round hole in centre surrounded by a metal press stud. Two round lambswool buffing pads with lambs skin on one side and a metal press stud in centre. One paper instruction booklet printed in black and grey ink. Illustration of a woman using the polisher on front cover. Illustrations and text throughout. Six pages. Two staples in spine. One wooden applicator, long wooden handle with rectangular wooden head.

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