Alternative name: Swatch Card, Colour Card.

Shade Card with small coloured leather samples, printed and issued by Gazelda Ltd., Watford, England, 1936. Simpson's Gloves Pty. Ltd., Melbourne were the sole agents for Gazelda in Australia. This document was found downstairs in the handbag showroom at Simpson's Gloves.

Physical Description

Shade card featuring a hard cover with a mottled brown and black textured surface, the title and deer's-head motif embossed in gold on the front cover. The four pages inside are of thick, off-white paper, each featuring eighteen rectangles of coloured leather, arranged in rows, with their shade names printed underneath in grey ink. A statement about the leather company is printed in grey on each left page. The Simpson's Gloves manufacturer's stamp is printed in black ink on the inside front and back covers. A single piece of brown leather is inserted in the front page.

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