Alternative Name(s): Childs Rattle

Silver Christening Whistle made by E. S. B., circa 1901. It was presented to Ernest Cecil Huber in 1905 and was probably a christening gift from his grandparents.

Ernest Cecil Huber was born on 18 October 1904 in Lambeth, London. He worked as a mid shipman and jumped ship at Melbourne in 1927, where he settled and established a life. He married in 1931, and he and his wife had five children. He was a Sargent Major with the Australian Armed Forces during World War II, serving in the Middle East from 1939 to 1945. Upon his return home from the war he worked for the railways. He died on 5 April 1983 in Melbourne.

The whistle was donated "in memory of our father Ernest Cecil Huber".

Physical Description

Silver christening whistle, intricate design, embossed scroll work. Suspended around the belly of the whistle there are five bells. The opposite end of the whistle is broken possible this was an ivory appendage of some sort. The makers initials and three silver marks have been stamped into this end which has a fluted design.

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