Telephone cover in the shape of a doll, made circa 1920-1929.

It belonged to Yootha Bessie Downing Goldsworthy (b.1903-1990). She was the wife of a bank manager and lived in Kyabram, moving to Melbourne around1975.

Physical Description

Wax-bodied doll telephone cover with long black velvet dress and ceramic arms. The doll's head, shoulders and torso (to the waist) are made from a single piece of moulded wax, skin colour. Facial details highlighted with paint. Chin raised, and head turned to left; mouth slightly open, perhaps to suggest singing. Hair of short, blonde wool (?), stitched to suggest crimping. Dress falls full from waist; cuffs and neckline trimmed with silver metal braid. Sleeves elbow-length, and puffed, forming the upper part of the arm; the lower, ceramic part of the arm protrudes from the sleeves. The dress is approximately twice the length and width of proportional dimensions, to accommodate a large telephone.

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