'Target for Tonight' board game, consisting of a target board, cardboard aeroplane, dart-like 'bomb' and box. The aeroplane is held over the target board on the floor, and the 'bomb' is dropped onto naval targets such as a submarine, cruiser and battleship. The target board is pierced with holes, showing it has been used repeatedly.

The game was made by Metal Wood Repetitions Co. in Sydney in 1942, and probably used until about 1950. The donor's father found game in wardrobe in an old house in Fairfield. It would have been marketed during World War II, and reflected the bombing activities being carried out by Allied aircraft on Axis shipping.

Physical Description

Light-weight board, red, with nine large and four small circles arranged evenly. Large circles have pictures and name of target, smaller circles with names of ships and points value. Both sides of board the same layout wi th different circle types.

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