Chinese Star Checkers game, made by John Sands Pty Ltd, circa 1940 - 1942. It was given 'To Esther and Merle, For Xmas 1942. From Auntie Edie'.

Physical Description

Chinese Star Checkers game comprising: Playing surface - cardboard base which fits inside box bottom, consisting of a series of large holes in the shape of a hexagonal star. Around the edge are illustrations of chinese subjects. 60 small wooden cylinders, 10 each: blue, green, pink, brown, yellow and white. These are the playing pieces, one colour for each player. The cylinders are placed in the holes on the playing surface. Small card- board box for playing pieces. The bottom of the box (.4) has a piece of paper attached which reads "Chinese STAR/CHECKERS/CONTENTS/60 MARBLES". Box lid of game, features a picture of a dragon and reads "Chinese/STAR/CHECKERS/A/Game /from the/Orient/for/All Ages" Underside of lid has rules for playing Chinese Checkers and details of manufacturer Box bottom

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