This Kerosene Lamp, was used in the Methodist Babies Home in South Yarra, Victoria. It was manufactured by W.T. Co., USA, circa 1929. The lamp would have given a weak light, and was probably used as a night light in a dormitory at the Methodist Babies Home, Copelen Street, South Yarra.

The Methodist Babies Home was opened in 1929. Babies, especially from the inner-city slums, were referred to the home through the Children's Court. From 1929 until the early 1970s the Home's role was to care for babies awaiting adoption. From 1974, the direct care of neglected babies was phased out in favour of family-unit-based support services.

Physical Description

Small glass lamp with coiled twine wick in base; glass top inverted over wick. It is no longer possible to remove the top, which has been jammed down onto the base. The base was probably filled with kerosene.

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