Beige coloured felt koala stuffed with wool, hand-made made circa 1939 - 1945.

Felt toys were commonly used in Australia during World War II, as more elaborate materials were not readily available. Patterns could be bought from haberdashery stores from 1 shilling to 1 shilling 6 pences for making felt toys at home (according to vendor).

Physical Description

Beige coloured felt koala stuffed with wool. The dark brown cotton with which the pieces of felt were stitched is plainly visible on the koala's body. Brown pieces of leather have been sewn onto the koala to represent its eyes, nose and paws; dark brown cotton makes the koala's mouth. Sewn onto the stomach of the koala is a piece of pale green plastic-coated wire made to represent a branch of a tree, green pieces of felt represent eucalyptus leaves. Two tiny gum nuts complete the effect. The shape of the koala further suggests a koala sitting in a tree.

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